Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We're back

I just finished filling Easter baskets and stuffing Easter eggs...I am early this year getting Easter together but I have realized that Spring has sprung and we are crazy busy. But while we are crazy busy my beautiful monkeys are a couple of weeks from officially being two and half.

Someone once said the two and half and three and half are more challenging than the terrible twos or threes. Oh, I think they are going to right...

Our stairs are gated for many good reasons. If you are a monkey what do you do when the stairs are gated; you climb the outside of the stairs silly. The other day Lil Monkey was about five stairs up when I noticed him went to grab him and he fell.

But this is just a ware my computer problems are over and I can upload my pictures from my Iphone.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

twice the ducks

An early Easter present arrived yesterday for the Monkeys. Two baby ducks that are only a few days old. I can only imagine that people must either think this is the cutest thing in the world or that I have finally lost it and will be in a home soon with pretty white, padded walls.

However, the unnamed (Hubby wants to name them so their names are "cool") baby ducks have been here for about 24 hours and so far we are in love. The Monkeys love them, Bentley (Bob) the dog loves them, I love them and I think Hubby loves them, too. They are so cute and fun. Who would have thought they would peep out when we aren't with them or that they want us to hold them.

So now we are just a crazy home with two ducks, two fish, two toddlers, a pregnant mommy and one daddy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

getting bigger

They are getting too too many ways. Today I learned after Lil' Monkey got Fart Putty stuck in his hair that his tongue has grown longer and is now the perfect length to lick snot as it runs out of his nose.

Their short little legs have grown and they are finally actually out growing pants. And they are thinning out and looking more like little men. (I am sad) Their little feet have grown and are now only fitting into their one of many, many pairs of shoes.

And they are talking more and more. They said their first sentence, Mommy I go wide down, peease!! And my new favorite is they open the basement door to the fenced in yard and scream, Bob go peeeeeeee!!

Tonight we took them to their favorite Chinese Restaurant where they told daddy shhhh because he told them shhhh to use their inside voice. They saw a baby and said baby and then lifted their shirts and said baby. (They think because I have a baby in my stomach they do, too.)

They are outgrowing the Dino ride at Harris Teeter and now are done after one ride. Their new found glory is racing the little, customer in training carts through the store. Tonight's junk purchases were only $11 because we took them to the candy isle to do "their shopping."

Picture posts coming soon as soon as I learn how to download the pictures from the IPhone.