Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nudest Colony?

A lot of people keep noticing the same thing...they are never wearing pants or diapers lately. To answer your questions, no we are not running a nudest colony. Yes,  I hope that this changes so that they can attend some sort of schooling one day. And finally, yes, when we have guests over we try and enforce the you must wear pants rule.

Why no pants? You see, one day they decided they were big enough to use the potty. Okay, sure, whatever I thought. This like everything they do will last about two seconds and they will lose interest. Since this day they have refused to the point I can't fight it anymore, no pants rule. I have tried Pull Ups. Nope they either rip them off or pee in them and then say peeeeeeeee and run to the potty. I have also been trying underwear. However, they don't get it. Underwear to them is a diaper and they pee or worse poop in it. Cleaning poo out of underwear is not something I signed up for!!

So bare with us as we keep potty training. And for the love, if you have any suggestions, HELP ME!!! I would like nothing more than to be able to let them wear underwear. Or as my Hubby says, boxers. He believes some weird things about white tightes (underwear).

Check out some of the cute boxers.
Baby's First Boxers, Red Pattern, 2T
I think they have a chance of having a naked jantor business.

And don't forget, leave a comment and HELP ME so my kids can wear pants again!! :)


  1. We had our boys wear the underwear. If they pooped in it, we threw it away. In my mind Walmart underwear is cheap, comparable to the diapers cost :)

  2. Make it fun, throw some colorful cereal into the toilet and just tell them their goal is to shoot at them every time they have to go, my son loved the idea,it worked every time, no matter what keep them in their underwear...before bed have them go to the bathroom one last time, the first couple of nights will be tough on you but they wont like the "wet" feeling, and trust me before you know it they will be wearing pants again.
    PS. If you find any boxers for that size let me know bc I haven't, and my son is now 3